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Translation Time: Xenogears, Part Gamma 1

Playable Gears:

Weltall - ヴェルトール - VERUTO-RU - Weltall

Weltall-2 - ヴェルトール2 - VERUTO-RU 2 - Weltall 2

Weltall is German for "outer space."

Xenogears - ゼノギアス - ZENOGIASU - Xenogears

Amusing little fact: I once met someone who thought that "Xenogears" referred to all of the mecha in this game, rather than just one, probably because the name is plural.

Vierge - ヴィエルジェ - VIERUJE - Vierge

Vierge is French for "virgin," and also used to refer to the constellation and Zodiac sign Virgo. Its name meaning is kind of interesting, seeing as Elly is never seen using it after a certain scene with her and Fei... ;-)

El Regurus - E・レグルス - E • REGURUSU - El Regulus

Regulus is the brightest star in the constellation Leo. This Gear isn't actually playable without a GameShark code, but it was more convenient to put it with the playable Gears since it's piloted by a playable character.

In all Omnigear names, the Roman letter "E" is read as "ERU," or "El."

Heimdal - ヘイムダル - HEIMUDARU - Heimdallr

El Fenrir - E・フェンリル - E • FENRIRU - El Fenrir

Brigandier - ブリガンディア - BURIGANDIA - Brigandier

Most likely a combination of "brigand" and "brigadier."

El Andvari - E・アンドヴァリ - E • ANDOVARI - El Andvari

Yggdrasil IV - ユグドラシルIV - YUGUDORASHIRU IV sei - Yggdrasil IV

Named after the World Tree from Norse mythology.

Stier - シューティア - SHU-TIA - Stier

El Stier - E・シューティア - E • SHU-TIA - El Stier

Stier is German for "bull," and also used to refer to the constellation and Zodiac sign Taurus.

Renmazuo - レンマーツォ - RENMA-TSO - Rénmǎzuò

El Renmazuo - E・レンマーツォ - E • RENMA-TSO - El Rénmǎzuò

Rénmǎzuò (马座) is the Chinese name for the constellation and Zodiac sign Sagittarius.

Seibzehn - ゼプツェン - ZEPUTSEN - Siebzehn

Siebzehn is German for "seventeen," hence its frames being designated "#17-XXXXX."

Crescens - クレスケンス - KURESUKENSU - Crescens

Could be named after the Latin word for "crescent" or a somewhat-obscure Christian saint.

Deurmod - ディルムッド - DIARUMUDDO - Diarmuid

The generic Gears used by Bart's soldiers in two event battles. Also called "BARTHOS" internally.

Possibly named after the mythical Celtic hero Diarmuid Ua Duibhne.

Other unique Gears:

Calamity - カラミティ - KARAMITI - Calamity

Does anyone else wonder why this wasn't called "Sechzehn" to match with its counterparts?

Swordknight - ソードナイト - SO-DONAITO - Sword Knight

Aegisknight - シールドナイト - SHI-RUDONAITO - Shield Knight

Wandknight - ワンドナイト - WANDONAITO - Wand Knight

Clawknight - カップナイト - KAPPUNAITO - Cup Knight

The four Gears above are references to the suits of the Tarot, but with the suit of Pentacles replaced with Shields.

Dora - ドーラ - DO-RA - Dora

Haishao - ハイシャオ - HAISHAO - Hǎishāo

Hǎishāo ( ) is Chinese for "burning sea."

Bladegash - ブレードガッシュ - BURE-DOGASSHU - Bladegash

Alkanshel - アルカンシェル - ARUKANSHERU - Arc-en-Ciel

Contrary to popular belief, it's not "Archangel," which would be "アークエンジェル" in katakana. Arc-en-Ciel is アルカンシエル, which isn't quite identical to this Gear's name, either, but It's still closer to that than to "archangel." It could also be a pun on "shell," since its main armament is defensive in nature.

Buntline - バントライン - BANTORAIN - Buntline

Wyvern - ワイバーン - WAIBA-N - Wyvern

Achtzehn - アハツェン - AHATSEN - Achtzehn

Achtzehn is German for "eighteen."

Marinebasher - マリンバッシャー - MARINBASSHA- - Marinebasher

Skyghene - スカイギーン - SUKAIGI-N - Skygeen

Grandgrowl - グランガオン - GURANGAON - Grangaon

"Gaon" in the Japanese name is likely derived from gao (ガオー), the Japanese onomatopoeia for a lion's roar.

Vendetta - ヴェンデッタ - VENDETTA - Vendetta

Alpha Weltall - ORヴェルトール - OR VERUTO-RU - OR Weltall

OR is short for "original."

Amphysvena - アンフィスバエナ - ANFISUBAENA - Amphisbaena

Opiomorph - オピオモルプス - OPIOMORUPUSU - Ophiomorphus

"Ophiomorphus" literally means "serpent form," appropriately enough, given this Gear's appearance.

G Elements - Gエレメンツ - G EREMENTSU - G Elements

True Weltall - 真ヴェルトール - shin VERUTO-RU - True Weltall

Only appearing in the Battling Arena:

Ganador - ガナドール - GANADO-RU - Ganador
Spanish for "winner."

Titan - タイタン - TAITAN - Titan
Wind Shaver - W・シェイバー - W • SHEIBA- - W Shaver

Fire Wheel - ファイアホイール - FAIAHOI-RU - Fire Wheel

Silver Star - シルバースター - SHIRUBA-SUTA- - Silver Star

According to the Xenogears character page on the Japanese Wikipedia, this Gear is apparently piloted by Latina, the D-Block bartender. Just an interesting little tidbit I thought I'd mention.

Worker - ワーカー - WA-KA- - Worker

Dozer - ドーザー - DO-ZA- - Dozer

Twin Burner - ツインバーナー - TSUINBA-NA- - Twin Burner

Argento - アルジェント - ARUJENTO - Argento

Named mass-produced Gears will be listed with the rest of the monsters.

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